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Chicken Tenders (Tenders de pollo)

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    550grs (7-10 tenders)

    Premium chicken breast, flattened, slightly seasoned and breaded. An excellent choice for a kids both at home and for their lunchbox! 

    Are you craving tender, juicy, and flavorful chicken? Look no further! At Inedit Gourmet, located in the heart of Miami, we proudly present our mouthwatering Chicken Tenders. These golden-brown delights are a true crowd-pleaser, perfect for satisfying your cravings and delighting your taste buds.

    Our Chicken Tenders are made from the finest quality chicken, hand-cut into tender strips and expertly seasoned to perfection. Each bite delivers a satisfying crunch on the outside, while the inside remains irresistibly moist and flavorful. Whether you're enjoying them as an appetizer, a snack, or as part of a hearty meal, our Chicken Tenders are sure to impress.

    At Inedit Gourmet, we prioritize the use of premium ingredients to ensure a high-quality dining experience. Our Chicken Tenders are no exception. We source our chicken from trusted suppliers who adhere to strict quality standards, ensuring that you receive nothing but the best.

    What sets our Chicken Tenders apart is the attention to detail in our cooking process. We use a carefully selected blend of herbs and spices, creating a tantalizing flavor profile that will leave you craving more. Served alongside your choice of delectable dipping sauces, our Chicken Tenders offer a delightful combination of textures and flavors that will satisfy even the most discerning palates.

    Whether you're enjoying a family meal, a casual lunch, or hosting a special event, our Chicken Tenders are the perfect addition to any occasion. Their versatility makes them a crowd favorite among all age groups, making them an excellent choice for both kids and adults alike.

    At Inedit Gourmet, we are committed to providing you with an unforgettable dining experience. Our team of culinary experts strives to create dishes that not only tantalize your taste buds but also showcase our passion for exceptional food.

    Visit our restaurant in Miami and indulge in the savory goodness of our Chicken Tenders. We guarantee you'll be captivated by their crispy exterior, tender interior, and irresistible flavors. Treat yourself to a culinary adventure at Inedit Gourmet, where our commitment to quality and flavor will exceed your expectations.